Novice Sprints 2018

Men’s team

Having trained valiantly through their first term of rowing and with some impressive erg scores in

the boat hopes were high running into the boy’s first race. A well rehearsed race start shot the boys

out in front of ICSM’s first boat where they remained to win the race. The second race against Vets

started equally strongly, but unfortunately a blade escaped a gate on stroke side and even with a

valiant come back the race was lost. The boys did however win their repecharge final to secure a

solid third place in their first regatta.

Women’s team

The novice women had a successful first race, having trained hard up to this point and so

beat ICSM by 1/3rd of a length and were though to the finals. This was against Vets but despite

putting in a good effort Vets managed to pull in front mid race and so just beat us. This was not the

result we were looking for and instead of dampening their spirits, it gave them determination to

work harder to win their next races. Despite not winning, their race was a success and the women

are eager to keep rowing for BLBC.