Allom Cup 2018

Novice Women

After seeing our fresher women reach the finals of the Novice Regatta, the Senior women were keen to get involved in some sprint-racing. Unfortunately the majority of the UH clubs didn’t feel the same, and we found ourselves in a straight final against RUMS. Our start was clean and easily put us ahead of the RUMS VIII in the first 200 metres, however we lost our nerve slightly and the choppy water unfortunately led to a ‘crab’ which gave the RUMS boat a significant lead. We showed our grit by chasing them down over the rest of the course, finishing just 3/4 of a length behind. I was incredibly proud by just how determined my crew was, and we gave RUMS a good run for their money after recovering so well. We’ve learnt a lot from this race, and will undoubtedly come back stronger and faster.

Intermediate Men

Coming into this three way race between Bart’s, St. Georges, and Brunel, we were certainly

looking like the underdogs with a crew of 4 second years against both other universities top 4’s,

however the boys were determined to put in a good race and so lined up. After a dodgy start Bart’s

was slightly behind both crews however an enormous effort was put in and Brunel was dropped by

2 lengths coming under the halfway mark, the boys were now gaining ground on the Georges Top

IV who appeared surprised the underdog was keeping up and even gaining on them. A dramatic

finish with Bart’s just coming second by an inch was certainly an unexpected one and one the boys

were extremely proud of.