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About BLBC

Founded in 1844, Barts and The London Boat club, otherwise known as BLBC, is the oldest hospital boat club in the world. Our club is both a sporting and a social one where you can choose to be either a rowing fiend, drunken waster or a healthy balance of both.

We have regular water training twice a week on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings at the University of London boathouse in Chiswick. These are the sessions where you’ll be put into a boat and coached by our fantastic team. Water training is accompanied by land training which usually occurs twice a week in the newly refurbished “erg room” on Whitechapel campus.
We also provide an optional strength and conditioning programme. You can be as committed as you want to be, but obviously the more training you do, the more you will improve and the better you will become.

The club has many events each year varying from the fun but seriously competitive racing at UH Bumps, the Head races and Novice Sprints, to the drunken revelry that accompanies occasions like the Henley tour and International tour. You can find more information on our club events and races on the Updates page of our website. As well as the big events there is also a constant drip feed of smaller happenings like ‘tables’, brick lane curries and pre-race carb loading sessions. ‘Tables’ is a cherished BL tradition that occurs every Wednesday evening and involves the club getting together after an afternoon of rowing to play drinking games led by our beautiful social secretaries. Don’t be fooled, these occasions may sound tame to the untrained eye but go and you’ll soon find yourself telling thoroughly embarrassing stories of how you were banned from returning to Henley, woke up in the locked up union at 4 in the morning or went skinny dipping in the Thames!

Apart from all the social side, rowing is one of the best ways to burn off the beer and Perfect Fried Chicken you will consume in absurd amounts during your stay at BL. This club is for everyone: whatever level of experience, we will mould and nurture you into model rowers and members of the BL society.

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