Doncaster Training Camp 2018

From the Men’s captain:

The first weekend of November saw the BL men’s squad travel up north to train with Doncaster RC for the first training camp of the season. The 1st VIII had several successful outings in preparation for Cambridge head. Many of the men’s squad also tried sculling for the first time, with some hilarious consequences. Seat racing for the last bow side seat in the 1st VIII was successful. All in all a fun weekend.


From the Women’s captain:

Following the success and all around enjoyment of our training camp to Doncaster last winter, we returned to Saad’s home in the North for a weekend of technical work and fitness training. We brought double the rowers this year, and packed in even more outings. We had a big focus on technical work, and with some coaching from members of Doncaster Boat Club we saw big improvements across all the boats.

Not only was it a great opportunity to practice rowing on a smaller river in preparation for Cambridge Head, but also allowed many of us to try small boat rowing for the first time. Overall a very developmental and progressive weekend for BLBC.