United Hospitals' Novice Sprints 2017! Winners again

A freezing cold day and an 8am arrival signalled the start of the racing season for 24 BLBC freshers. The first race of the day was the fresher women’s first boat who were taking on ICSM 1. After a dramatic crab in the second stroke of the start (which nearly gave this fresher captain a heart attack) they recovered beautifully to win by nearly a length and a half. The girls‘ second race was Georges 1, again they were slightly behind off the start but found their rhythm and power to come through with a second win by half a length. In the nail-biting final against RUMS 1 the girls lost by just a canvas, after drawing ahead by half a length and fighting over inches at the finish line.

The men’s first boat faced GKT1 in their first race and beat them solidly with a whole length of clear water between them. Much like the women they faced Georges 1 in their semi-final and again beat them easily with 1.5 lengths between the boats at the finish line. The final was once again against the same opponent: RUMS 1. Observing the racing at flood tide RUMS looked to be drawing ahead but by the finish line the boys had beaten them by half a length to take home the medals.

The mixed crew also put up a brave fight for their race (which also happened to be their first outing as a crew) but ultimately lost to Georges 1 (whom the men's crew would later take their revenge on). The racing crews were as follows:

Novice Men's 1st - WINNERS

  • Cox - Jess Challenger
  • Stroke - Ben Johnson
  • 7 - Robert Good
  • 6 - Alex Deighton
  • 5 - Milo Simpson
  • 4 - Jamie Henderson
  • 3 - Joseph Johnson
  • 2 - Skyler Tian Ren Ye
  • Bow - Adam Mitchell

Novice Women's 1st - FINAL

  • Cox - Rocio Crispin
  • Stroke - Sreya Gooptu-O'Shea
  • 7 - Olivia Dupere
  • 6 - Alice Gant
  • 5 - Tamsin Dyer
  • 4 - Caroline Olabisi
  • 3 - Sveva de Luca
  • 2 - Samia Omar
  • Bow - Alice Westlake

Novice Crew Mixed

  • Cox - Mathew Robathan
  • Stroke - Aamir Saiyed
  • 7 - James Ogley
  • 6 - Alex Haiser
  • 5 - Andreas Andreou
  • 4 - Jessica Froggatt
  • 3 - Tillana Tarkas
  • 2 - Amanda Hertzberg
  • Bow - Vrinda Nadda