BLBC at Vesta Vets Head 2015

Men’s Report by Jack Tooze (Men’s Captain)

As the Spring Term drew to a close the Men’s First boat took part in Vesta’s Head of the River – Despite the initial disappointment that followed missing the HoRR entry date, the crew were in fine spirits to take part in this alternative.

After extensive marshalling the race began – being chased by Balliol College Oxford the race was on – the crew settled well into their stride as they passed under Chiswick Bridge. With the 6.8km Championship Course stretching out ahead of them the boys powered through, soon gaining an overtake before Hammersmith. With continuing momentum (and burning muscles) our gents in Rahere surged passed 3 other crews towards the finish line at Putney.

Following amarathon of a return journey to ULBC, the men were ecstatic to find that they had the fastest time in the IM3+ category. Yet another Win for BLBC this year – congratulations goes to the crew: Alex Davie, Tom Diffey, Jack Tooze, Michael Willis, Anthony Flannery, Amaury Trockels, Jack West, Shaman Dolly and Robin Wang.