UH Bumps 2019

The first day of bumps delivered a solid performance from both our Men's 1st VIII and our Women's 1st VIII who produced strong row overs to hold their positions at 2 and 4 respectively, albeit with some drama involving a cruiser boat leading to the women's second race being abandoned just before Kew Stone Bridge. The second, and final, day of bumps started off strongly with M1 holding their position in another row over and a crew made up of members of the rugby team managing to bump LSE's 1st VIII. Next in the women's race, W1 were unfortunately bumped down by SGH's 1st VIII, leading them to finish the weekend at position 5. In the men's final race, M1 produced yet another strong performance, holding their position confidently behind the non-UH eligible KCL 1st VIII. This result allowed them to take the UH Headship for the first time in post-merger history, 16 years after the BL women achieved the same feat. The last time this position was held pre-merger was 26 years ago by The London men in 1993. Unfortunately the rugby crew were bumped down by LSE 1st VIII in the final race and finished the weekend where they began, the did however take the coveted prize of best fancy dress.

For the first time in its post-merger history and 16 years after the BL women achieved it, the men have won headship at Bumps - 26 years after The London men last did so in 1993

M1 Bumps 2019.JPG