BUCS Head 2019

BLBC men took a top boat and a novice boat to BUCS head for the first time in history. The novices raced on the Saturday and performed exceptionally well, considering they had to get up at 1am in order to catch the bus. They came 27 th out of 35 novice VIIIs from all over the country, despite an unfortunate error from the coxswain, which led them to plough into the bank at full speed, destroying their momentum and causing bowman’s shoes to become completely detached from the footplate, rendering him unable to row. Their captain was very proud of them.

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled before the top VIII could race.

Novice team

After a very early start and a long coach to Gloucestershire many of the guys were tired and a bit groggy although they took to the water on a clear day to cement their strength demonstrated in the previous UH head. Determined to veto their rivals in the QMUL fresher boat the boys attacked the course, leading to a close call with a tree just after the particularly challenging corner that caused so many crashes this year. Once again with a strong finish the boys once again demonstrated their prowess this year beating QMUL’s very strong fresher team.