Our Committee

Every year at our annual AGM the boat club elects its new committee. Below is a list of this year's committee.

                       Rocio Crispin                 Club Captain       



             Rocio Crispin
Club Captain



Club Captain:
rocio crispin


                                           Saad Habib                Men's Captain     




                Saad Habib
              Men's Captain


Men's Captain:
saad habib


                                        Nadia Roberts              Women's Captain     




             Nadia Roberts
            Women's Captain


Women's Captain:
Nadia Roberts


                      James Sanderson           Men's Fresher Captain        


              James Sanderson
         Men's Fresher Captain



Men's Fresher Captain:
James Sanderson

                     Zoe Carter-Tai                  Treasurer        


             Zoe Carter-Tai




                  Connie MacSweeney              Social Secretary       



         Connie MacSweeney
            Social Secretary



Social Secretary:
Connie macsweeney

                         Zain Mitha               Tour Secretary       



                Zain Mitha
             Tour Secretary



Tour secretary:
zain mitha

                           Akash Dusoye         Media & Communications                    Officer      




              Akash Dusoye
       Media & Communications



media & communications:
akash dusoye

                      Dylan Middleton            Academic Support       




           Dylan Middleton
          Academic Support



Academic support: dylan middleton

                   Seraina Brunner        Women's Fresher Captain       


           Seraina Brunner
      Women's Fresher Captain



Women's Fresher Captain:
seraina brunner

                          James Ayre                  Treasurer         


               James Ayre


James Ayre

                       Ben Koetsier              Social Secretary       



              Ben Koetsier
            Social Secretary



Social Secretary:
ben koetsier

                     Shaman Dolly              Alumni Officer       



            Shaman Dolly
            Alumni Officer



Alumni Officer:
Shaman Dolly

                      Pritesh Varsani              Equipment Officer       



             Pritesh Varsani
            Equipment Officer



Equipment Officer:
Pritesh varsani

                     Jess Challenger              Coxwain's Captain      


             Jess Challenger
            Coxwain's Captain


Coxwain's Captain/safety:
Jess challenger

                              Shivani Patel            Fundraising Officer      


             Shivani Patel
          Fundraising Officer


Fundraising Officer:
shivani patel

                 Jonjo Sebastian Miller              Tour Secretary       



        Jonjo Sebastian Miller
            Tour Secretary



TOUR Secretary:
jonjo sebastian miller

                       Ella Richards                Alumni Officer       



              Ella Richards
              Alumni Officer



Alumni Officer:
Ella Richards

                      Maria Fernandez             Equipment Officer       




           Maria Fernandez
           Equipment Officer



equipment officer:
Maria Fernandez